USBI Website Redesign

We completed the first phase of the USBI website redesign, moving the content to a data driven web platform. We installed Drupal because it's information driven, scalable, secure, open source, and it's also the platform of choice for a few key biochar sites.

Can Biochar Save the Planet?

Syndicated by Philip S. Wenz, 2007-2011
Copyright ©  Philip S. Wenz, 2011
How do you like the idea of fighting global warming by pumping millions of tons of artificial volcanic ash into the atmosphere to cool the planet? Alternatively, would you support a plan to suspend giant “mirrors” made of fine wire mesh or shiny aluminum nanoparticles in the lower stratosphere to reflect sunlight away from the earth?

Some Char Reading from Charles

I'm very fortunate to be working on the 2012 US Biochar Conference with some people that have done a significant amount of research on biochar. Charles sent these reports out in an email - what a wealth of information.

Rob Lerner in Costa Rica

This video illustrates a new biochar kiln design which we call "hornito", meaning small oven in Spanish. This kiln is a clean, efficient and inexpensive design for producing high quality biochar using recycled 55 gallon drums. The kiln is in operation in the south of Costa Rica, and was constructed by Biochar Costa Rica located in Puerto Jimenez.

TEDxHilo - Josiah Hunt - Biochar and the Future of Farming

Josiah Hunt has worked extensively with biochar for several years now. A young farmer and agriculturalist, he has been researching the topic, educating on the topic and created a business focused on the production and distribution of biochar. While biochar is multi-faceted involving waste management, energy production, climate change mitigation and agriculture, biochar in agriculture has been the focus of his work. Josiah is a graduate of UHH and has been a resident of Hawaii since 2002.

TEDxBerkeley - Lopa Brunjes

Biochar: An Ancient Solution to a Modern Problem

Lopa Brunjes is a biochar pioneer, passionate sustainability advocate, and visionary businesswoman. Lopa continues to explore many different career options and maybe you'll find her current passion via her profile on LinkedIn - TEDxBerkeley 2011 - Engaging the World - took place on Saturday, February 19th, 2011 at UC Berkeley. Nearly 1400 attendees and 200,000 live-stream viewers enjoyed the day.

Sonoma Biochar Initiative Receives 11 Tons of Biochar

To assist in Sonoma County field trials for biochar the Sonoma Biochar Initiative (SBI) had 11 tons of biochar delivered. SBI will be working with Sonoma County farmers to get some biochar in the ground for both fields trials and as viewing site for those in Northern California who will want to see biochar in a living environment.

US Biochar Social Media

The Carbon Age

Raymond suggested we add some carbon art to the conference. That sounds like a great idea to me.

This is the first example I've some across. It's good to know the art found me without actually looking for carbon art.

phaenotype - The Carbon Age

Designer Biochar Question

When I inquired about a reference to designer biochar, first I recieved the Marc Roberts cartoon. Then came this article, "All Biochars are Not Created Equal, and How to Tell Them Apart." I'm posting it here before I read it - feel free to comment it you get to this before I do.



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