Closed Loop Systems

Our young organization provides energy, efficiency, water and recycling solutions based on renewable resources to meet essential needs of clients. Our Vision is to identify low cost, renewable and unused resources everywhere and convert them to value for a greener world.  Our Mission is to be a significant contributor to the renewable energy sector, innovating solutions and business models that provide the highest possible value for all stakeholders. Whole system design and frugal engineering form the two pillars on which our cost effective and eco-friendly solutions rest.

All our solutions directly result in one or more of the following benefits for our clients:

a. Reliable and predictable operations
b. Improved operational efficiency
c. Decreased cost of operation from reduced cost of electricity by up to 75%.
d. Faster time to market
e. Higher profit margins and ROI
f. Higher employee productivity and morale
g. Low to negative carbon footprint from operations

We provide turnkey solutions for producing power, thermal energy and transportation fuels, using biomass as feedstock. We use cutting edge and proven technologies in Biomethanation, Biomass Pyrolysis and Biomass Gasification for achieving these primary objectives.

We help produce green Megawatts and greener Negawatts.

Our work in biomass gasification and pyrolysis has biochar as a significant focus.

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T R Krishnaswamy

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