FOREBIOM - Potentials for Realizing Negative Carbon Emissions

The project addresses the potentials of biochar utilization to mitigate climate change. Using biochar as a soil amendment can enhance carbon sequestration.
FOREBIOM is the acronym for a holistic scientific project aiming at international cooperation in the field of Green Technology. The project consortium consisting of partners from Austria, South Korea and Turkey proposes an approach where carbon is sequestered while utilizing biomass as feedstock for energetic utilization. The holistic systems approach ensures detailed considerations on potentials and sustainability of individual steps during biomass production and utilization. Biochar plays a main role as it can be used as a filter medium (activated carbon) and subsequently applied on agriculture/forest land in order to improve fertility and hence carbon sequestration. However, there are several knowledge gaps concerning sustainable biomass production, biochar production and soil amendment. The anticipated outcome consists of detailed country reports for consortia member-countries where potentials and risks of coupled bioenergy and biochar production will be highlighted with emphasis on ecological, social and economical sustainability.
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