Biochar Bob Goes to Costa Rica

Join Biochar Bob as he raises money to go to Costa Rica and make an educational film about the “Estufa Finca” (Farm Stove) project in Talamanca, Costa Rica. 

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By teaching Costa Rican’s to use agricultural “waste” (fallen leaves and trees, discarded cocoa pods, etc.), instead of harvested trees as the cooking fuel for their farm stoves they are: 

  • Curtailing deforestation and creating clean heat 
  • Reducing harmful carbon monoxide emissions by 87%, and respiratory threatening particulate matter emissions by 92% compared to an open fire, and 
  • Producing biochar which is allowing farmers to naturally control their soil’s fertility 

SeaChar Estufa Finca- Talamanca Project
Seattle Biochar Working Group

SeaChar and their partners are engaging and empowering local women with incentive programs and interactive community-centered education to assist countless households live healthier lives. This project is to introduce biochar and the carbon-negative biomass energy technology to Central American farmers to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

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