Blue Sky Biochar

Blue Sky Biochar, a Biological Charcoal soil supplement, sets up a naturally organic support system that retains both water and nutrients concentrated at the plant's root level.

Even the richest soil on our planet has only so much ability to hold onto water and nutrients on its own. But the biochar process requires far less fertilizing and significantly reduced (up to 50% less) watering.

This is no idle boast. Organic charcoal has long been recognized as holding a crucial place in the support of plant biology. But now the bridge from ancient discovery to modern implementation has taken the quite simple step forward into our very best management of vital resources. 

Plants can now feed and drink all they need. No more over-fertilizing and over watering. Natural resources are conserved and our agriculture flourishes with heretofore unheard of yields. A staggeringly simple concept and yet impressively effective in every agricultural circumstance.

Blue Sky's custom pelletized biochar is the definitive solution to the centuries-old dilemma of home gardeners, landscapers and professional farmers the world over. Start rebuilding your soil's ability to sustain itself, consistently producing the highest conceivable yield, and all while conserving vital natural resources.

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