Biochar Bob is Building a Sustainable Paradise

On July 27th, Bob is moving to the jungle valley to begin building paradise. It’d be amazing to have your support!

A couple months ago, Bob was invited to be part of a large sustainability project as the agriculture and biochar specialist responsible for overseeing the operation of a regenerative organic farm. As you may know from his Biochar Bob videos, this is his great passion—to use sustainable soil practices to grow a healthier, happier world.

Here's Bob's call for help:

I see society as a car without brakes where even the best driver is doomed to crash. I believe that Earth is paradise already, which includes humans, but sadly, when the design of society is broken, paradise is pushed further away. This project is an opportunity to demonstrate a different design for society. One that makes money AND impact. Nature works, so rather than fight it, we can harness its energy and principles to attain our goals. By bringing my expertise of biochar and agriculture to this project, I am able to confidently contribute to the whole-systems design I believe the world deserves.

Your support will help me have a financial runway while I get the farm and nursery running and profitable. Your help will allow me to buy new video recording equipment and a computer to produce videos and broadcast updates regarding the techniques I’ve used, the successes and failures of the journey, and my adventures through daily life in the jungle. Every dollar beyond my target will be used to invest into the education of the locals that will be working beside me so they can better develop the skills needed to run the farm independently of me—which is the goal.

Take a moment to support Bob's work and share this effort with those you know that are interested in a building a better world by building better soil.

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