Ecotecture - Philip S. Wenz

Biochar Conference Provides Excellent Learning Opportunity
<p>Phillip Wenz gives a conference preview for&nbsp;<em>ECOTECTURE®: The Journal of Ecological Design</em></p><blockquote><h3><em>Biochar Star Power</em></h3><p><em>The level of expertise and star power at the conference is equally impressive. Richard Heinberg, the nationally-known author of several books on peak oil, community resilience and the post-carbon, post-growth economy, will deliver the keynote address. Johannes Lehmann of Cornell University, whose name is practically synonymous with the discovery and development of biochar and is the co-author of the principle textbook in the field, will also share his evolving thoughts and latest research.</em></p><p><em>But even beyond the “big names,” the&nbsp;<a href="" title="Biochar Conference Speaker's List">speakers list</a>&nbsp;is singularly impressive both for the outstanding qualifications of the presenters and the broad and deep practical experience they bring to the forum. Academicians and researchers, authors, farmers, administrators, legal experts, biochar manufacturers and financiers are all represented to give the widest possible perspective on this quickly growing field.</em></p><p><em>Many of the presentations are given in a panel format, so you will have an opportunity to hear the essence of several speakers “messages” during their short presentations. While this format has the disadvantage (or, depending on your perspective, the advantage) that each speaker will only have a few minutes for his or her presentation, there will be plenty of breakfasts, lunches and social hours during which you can catch up with your favorite speakers and exchange ideas.</em></p></blockquote>
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