International Biochar Initiative (IBI) Launches IBI Biochar Certification Program

For Immediate Release
Contact: Thayer Tomlinson, IBI Communications Director 
May 29, 2013

Today IBI is proud to launch its biochar certification program to further grow the biochar industry. Biochar manufacturers are now able to certify that their product meets minimal standards and is safe for application to soils. Once certified, biochars can carry the “IBI Certified Biochar” seal on their product label. The IBI Biochar Standards serve as the foundation for the IBI Biochar Certification Program and certification approval requires that biochar(s) pass testing requirements specified by the IBI Biochar Standards

The IBI Biochar Certification Program is fully automated and accessible via IBI’s website, allowing biochar manufacturers/program participants to register, apply, and submit all required documentation on-line. Join us for educational webinars to review program requirements, describe how to successfully complete forms associated with laboratory testing and the chain of custody, as well as provide an opportunity for interested participants to ask questions.

The IBI Biochar Certification Program will create further important assurances for manufacturers and consumers of biochar, and is another step in helping to grow the biochar industry.  

The IBI Biochar Certification Program is a voluntary, self-certifying, biochar certification program created and administered by the International Biochar Initiative, based upon the IBI Biochar Standards

Phase 1 of the IBI Biochar Certification Program will roll out in United States and Canada. For this initial implementation phase, IBI will only accept and process applications from biochar manufacturers within the United States and Canada. IBI intends to expand the IBI Biochar Certification Program to include more countries in the future, as we are able.

For questions or further inquiries regarding the IBI Biochar Certification Program, please contact IBI at

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